Sunday, March 17, 2013

Appearance does not equal character

I had a psychology prof in college that had his hair cut in a "crew cut".  This was in the days when I (and just about everyone else) had a beard and hair down to my shoulders.  My prof, Bob, was a great instructor and became a mentor to me.  We socialized outside of class on a number of occasions.  One day the regular group of us were sitting on a beach outside of Steilacoom Washington just shooting the breeze and I asked Bob why he kept his hair so short when it was so unstylish - didn't he want to display his individuality?  His response was pretty simple:

 "When I was 17 I joined the Marines.  I had slicked back hair and a duck tail (look it up for those of you that don't know what this is).  They immediately shaved our heads and put us all in green uniforms.  When you all look the same real character stands out.  Appearance doesn't correlate with character.  Individuality comes from within."

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