Monday, January 7, 2013

Move on the the electronic age...

I get lots of printed paper brochures on a daily basis.  People wanting me to buy something or do something.  I like getting these.  I attend several courses, conferences, and seminar's each year.  I have my usual conferences but I also like trying out a few new things each year.  I'm less of prospect for consumer goods but you never know.  

I also share what I receive.  I work with a team of extraordinarily talented people and if I think some course or conference will help them I forward the brochure.  Because I work mostly in a virtual office, I share this by scanning the brochure and attaching it to an email.  I don't forward everything to everyone - just materials I think a specific individual might benefit from.  It always has an appropriate subject line and a short body explaining why I think this is relevant to the recipient.  It's different from spam in that way.

I'm not a very good candidate at all for email spam.  I'm a religious user of spam filters and even when something slips through I typically just delete it.  I don't know why this is but I prefer paper to an email when you are trying to sell me something.  I guess email marketing has that Nigerian 419 scam feel to it.

All this said - who the hell thinks printing stuff on non-standard size paper is a good idea?  I got a brochure today from SkillPath Seminars of Mission KS.  It's printed on what looks to be 11x10 inch stock and won't fit through my scanner.  I've got four people I would have sent this to but instead it's going in recycling.  Their loss I guess.  They need to get with the wonderful modern age in which we live and send me stuff on standard stock so I can scan it and send it on.  Just don't send it to me in an email or expect me to dig up your website.  I'm just not THAT excited about whatever you are selling.